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Barkshanty Hops, LLC
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Proud supplier of hops to 
Elk Street Brewery Ltd. & Tap Room
Anne Hasenbusch

Ron Hasenbusch
An avid brewer since 1985. As far as I'm concerned, the hoppier the beer the better. When I am not farming, I work as a metallurgist. I have a B.S. in Engneeing Metallurgy and have a Master's in Business.  Cheers!

Barkshanty Hops, LLC is a family-owned and operated hop yard that was established in Port Sanilac, Michigan during the spring of 2011.
​A former elementary teacher turned manager of Elk Street Brewery Ltd. & Tap Room, bier wench, local hops culture educator, aroma tester, and yard guide. I hold a B.S. in English.  Salute'
The Boys
Barkshanty Hops farm was built with an unbelievable amount of stamina, sheer will, blessings, and loads of help from many generous family members and friends. Much of the backbreaking labor was supplied, in part, by our two amazing sons and fathers. We never could have accomplished what it took to start Barkshanty Hops without their help. Our sons willingly relinquished every single weekend and vacation to help us in this unique endeavor. They were absolutely invaluable and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts!!
Hunter the Yard Dog
The ever faithful companion!        May he rest in peace