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Bittering Hops 

Brewers Gold is a complex bittering hop that is used equally well in English Ales and German Lagers. Its pungent bittering quality imparts a slight black current characteristic.
Brewers Gold
Nugget has a slightly spicy/herbal aroma and high alpha content.  
Kent golding has a refined floral characteristic.This hop is frequently used in english bitters.
Chinook’s aroma has been described as slightly piney intertwined with spice and grapefruit. This hop is very popular in many microbrew recipes.
Dual Purpose
Centennial imparts a medium floral and citrus characteristic. The medium alpha allows this to be equally at home as a bittering hop or used for flavor/aroma.
Mt. Hood has a clean floral/spice characteristic.
"Premium hops grown in the rich 
of Michigan's thumb "
Kent Golding
Mt. Hood
Cascade has a wonderful floral, citrus and spice aroma with hints of grapefruit. The aroma and flavor are very well balanced.   
Sterling produces dominent herbal and spice characteristics with slight floral and citrus hints.  
Willamette is a very popular aroma hop with a low bittering value.  Floral, fruit, and spice come to mind when using this hop.

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